Consulting & Leadership for the Telecommunications and Networking Industry

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Leadership & Transformation


Quindar consultants have led and transformed individual Telecommunication & network functions through to complete network group set-up and leadership. We have led carve-outs and mergers of global network groups in addition to having experience of leading a complete telecommunications business entity. In each case we delivered tangible business benefits and efficiencies in operations, fiscal planning & management, profitability, quality of service, delivery throughput and customer satisfaction. We can provide senior executive leadership on a short to medium term interim basis for major transformation programmes as required.

Strategy & Innovation


Quindar Consulting can help with strategic reviews of your networking and telecommunications business. With sound industry experience of networking future technology, we are able to review your current network implementation and advise where there are opportunities to innovate or alternatively help you develop a complete networking strategy for your business. We can help build a comprehensive business case in order to engage your business and secure investment to implement your agreed strategy.

Product Management


Quindar believes that productising network features is the most efficient way to develop network capabilities whilst allowing firms to keep a tight rein on costs and the commercial viability. Having successfully implemented such a scheme, Quindar can help establish your network’s product portfolio that fits your business needs, together with the necessary framework to operate a network product portfolio going forward.

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Programme Management


We have provided programme and project capabilities for all aspects of network services. We have practical experience of implementing highly technical network technology projects through to multi-million dollar global network PoP deployment programmes and associated customer migration programmes. We have undertaken business network group transformations in preparation and support for a network functional carve-out for JV / outsource arrangements. Conversely, we have also built the necessary teams to support an insource business strategy with the capability to build and operate a global network.

Service Management


Our service management expertise is borne out of the highly demanding financial services industry. We can advise on service improvement initiatives or provide a complete end-to-end assessment of your existing service management operation to identify service improvement areas. We can provide short term interim senior service management support for get well programmes targeting specific trouble spots within your network service.

Infrastructure Operations


We have a proven track record of delivering customer service and operational excellence in multiple business and network technology areas. We have delivered year on year operational, service and cost improvements. We can review your present infrastructure operations and advise on operational improvement areas. We can provide senior operational leadership on a short term interim basis as required.

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Supplier & Commercial


As a network professional, you will be already aware that key to excellent network service together with balanced cost control, is an unyielding third party supplier and commercial management framework. Quindar can help you establish a carrier management framework that is harmonised with service & operations to deliver continuous service and cost improvement for your network.

Telecoms Expense Management


Telecom Expense Management will undoubtedly already be one of your continuous improvement processes, since it yields ongoing tangible cost savings. However, if it has been a while since you have reviewed this area, Quindar and its’ industry expert partner are able to review and benchmark your Telecoms circuit inventory.  We are so confident that we can deliver tangible cost improvements, that our charges are based solely on delivery of savings.  You can be confident that engaging Quindar for this service will be a cost benefit or zero cost if no savings are found.

Deep Process Review


Quindar consultants have extensive experience of network operational and business process review spanning all areas of the Telecommunication and networking industry. We have redesigned change management, lead to cash, operational and delivery processes, all with tangible improvement and business benefit. We believe in Just Enough Process (JEP) that is outcome focussed to deliver the required function.